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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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shower activity as that afternoon commute kenss and head towards your bay area commute. tomorrow and the weekend, when the showers will be around and when you'll have a break from the shower. >> the north bay got hit bad, all that rain led to soom flooding. katie, the waurn is reseeding now, but at one point, that water was many r than a foot high in hears. >> what a difference a few hours can make. where i was standing was absolutely flooded. debris all over the place. behind me, those cars actually have flooded floor mats because they marked in a no parking zone, like so many north bay drivers to completely ignored flooded streets and flooded parking lots. >>reporter: around 10:30 this morning in mill valley, a high tide flooded shoreline highway of 101. crews rerouted traffic for
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several hours, but some drivers plowed through any way. others simply parked in flooded lots like at the high school. >> i'm pumping it out. this is a temporary pump that they through in. >>reporter: businesses also took a soaking. >> water is the way. >>reporter: redwood highway in green bray. >> sump pump, terrible >> . >>reporter: after thieves e d her defense earlier this week, karen wall raven will battle the remainder of this remainer with a new sump pump. he received two, even three times more calls for service during storms like this one. >> sump pump is not working, everything backs up ask in people's basements and stores. >>reporter: within a 24 hour period, the north bay received more than inch of rain, which inundated highway 1 -- would not stop drivers, which forged more
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flooding across highway 1. >>reporter: in addition to sog ki carpets and water damage, drivers need this incentive to stay out of the no parking zone, the sign right here at the park and ride says no parking in marked areas or you will be cited. and the rains could bring more flooding to this low lying area, which i'm told floods quite often. live in mill valley, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just west of katie, a mud slide blocked highway 1. sent us these pictures, these is near the steep ra vin trail, along the coast. >> large rocks were blocking the northbound lanes, but it was cleared up. >> fire firefighters say their roof gave way under to the weight of rain water. 20 by 20 foot hole, act 2:00 o'clock this afsh. the warehouse stores and produces plastic bags. been in business there since
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1971. so far, no estimate on how much it's going to cost to fix. >> to the south bay, where there was rain, flooding, and at least one rescue. ktvu. found himself stranded. >> well, that's right, right now, we're in the al m rock neighborhood. the streets are wet, and we've had rain off and on hard in the last half hour. >> check out eastern santa clara valley late nas afternoon. rain sweep across san jose. most people we spoke with brushed aside any problems. >> there's actually some cars that got stuck in the water. >> i'm loving the rain. >> a few about pros we can put up with. >> we need it. >>reporter: but the driver of this car this morning didn't need to get trapped on santa clara street in waist deep water. >> i thought it was clear, drove right in, and my car started getting flooded. >>reporter: near the san jose
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golf course, fire crews rescued a homeless man trapped by di bring. >> we actually have firefighters that wore personal flotations devices that waded in the waist high water, pert a flotation dpies on him. >> paramedics treeded him for dehydration. he's doing fine right now. the biggest commute problem was on southbound highway 87, near the san jose airport. in the early morning, 4 feet of standing water closed lanes here, the freeway wasn't open until -- kal tran talks about the crime that caused that problem. reporting life, ktvu channel 2 news. and it's not just san jose, and santa county of los angeles ra that have seen the -- robert into the santa cruise mountains. 5:30, with what he found there. >> real time updates whenever we're off the air, by going to your mobile device and
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downloading our ktvu weather app. >> there are new developments tonight on 580 that we first brought you at 5:00. the shooting shut down the freeway in one direction and needless to say caused a massive back up. today, we learned what learned c h p officers to a home in castro valley and the arrest of four men. we also learned that the bullets hit more than just that blocked bronco you saw a minute ago. one woman who says the shooting afs a close call for her. >> well, that woman had been standing outside on her patio, just minutes before a stray bullet -- c h p made an arrest and so is the man who appeared to be the initial target of the gun fire. >> it was a chaotic scene, bullets riddled an suv, flu through a neighbors glass door, and shut down interstate 580. >> i was just shocked still that it happened.
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>> 8 bullets hit the suv he was driving, he's not sure why he was targeted, perhaps that he angered the driver by passing him. now, a day later, news of an arrest in the case. he says he's relieved. >> i didn't think they were going to find him. once you're on -- especially during commute hours, blend in with all the other cars. >>reporter: it came in as a tip from the alameda sheriff's department, a car fitting the description, c h p moved in, arresting four mean on weapons violations. >> they were able to find three weapons, two of them, which were confirmed stolen handguns. >>reporter: investigators say they were helped by a shell casing found along the side of the highway and by this. a bullet taken from the wall of lauren's apartment. it somehow traveled from the highway through her sliding glass door. >> hopefully, the bullet that made its way into my home helped sale the deal for them. >>reporter: investigators are
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not releasing the suspects name at this time or details act the car. the investigation is is on going and hoping more witnesses will come forward. ktvu channel 2 news. >> continuing coverage now in the police officers indicted in san francisco. our coverage continues tonight. this surveillance video is a key piece of evidence against san francisco police officers indicted on corruption and civil rights charges. but after some of the officers appeared in court today, a defense attorney raised some serious questions about the case. ktvu david was in court for today's proceedings and joins us live with what he saw. david. >>reporter: the hearing in this case lasted less than a half hour, but afterwards, defense attorneys -- >> ahead of the san francisco police officers association officers edmond and richard left the federal courthouse this morning. they are two of six and current
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officers that have been indicted on all hardworking officers, dedicated to this department, dedicated to the citizens of this city. >>reporter: it's the offshoot of a 2011 investigation into a series of raids at residential hotels by plain clothed officers, in which they said their rights were violated. such as sergeant ian. >> they were out there doing very, very cease work, and dealing with some people that have no regard for the law. >>reporter: defense attorney michael rain said the federal indict ms doing similar work. rain says informants who aided in the investigation are not reliable witnesses. >> attempted to extort one of these officers. >>reporter: attorney eric sapphire represents one of those witnesses in the grand jury investigation. >> he provided actual evidence in the form of fingerprints and other types of hard evidence that was given to the -- to the
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federal investigators. >>reporter: all but one of the defendants entered not guilty pleas, the sixth is waiting for a few attorney before entering his plea. all are free on bond. the defense attorney told us the trial could start in about a year. live in san francisco, ktvu. >> on, posted an unedited version of the defense attorney, it's there under our hot topics tab. >> developing news now, ukraine and president obama is warning russia to stay out of it. the reports that russian troops have taken positions at a military base. in a news conference this afternoon, the president expressed concerns over russia's actions and urged the country to stay out of ukraine's politics. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territory integrity would be deeply -- stand with the international
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community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> president obama -- victor emerged in russia today after a week in hiding. he claimed that he is still ukraine's president and he vowed to fight those who removed him from power. >> police say that an extensionive marijuana grower worth more than 2 million dollar, take a look at this picture, you'll see just a portion of what swat officers say they discovered on wednesday. investigators say that in all, they found more than 2,000 marijuana plants grow lights and ventilation equipment from three separate homes. they say they also found this, $15,000s in cash. 24 year old -- were booked on several counts, including cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana -- >> a .
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>> looking live outside now, clouds and some rays of sun over the oakland shore, heading towards san francisco. and we are still seeing patchy, but intense sheets of rain on our storm tracker 2 radar. five minutes to tell us which areas are getting hit the hardest. >> new at 5:00, serious
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questions act one bus drive's record -- cross walk in walnut creek. this morning, a county connection bus hit her as it was turning right, that's a major intersection. walnut creek, this is not the driver's first or second incident. >>reporter: no, it's not. we found out this driver has half a dozen minor incidents on his record, company 13 years ago. now, here at this intersection and civic drive, the accident this morning is considered significant. >> heavy rain during the modern commute may be partly to blame for a auto pedestrian accident in walnut creek. a bus driver was kurning right from civic drive when he hit a woman in a cross walk. the 56 year old was caught under the front of the bus with serious injuries to her leg and head. but she's expected to be okay. >> when something like this happens, it really brings it home, every time we cross the intersection, we're like double
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checking, is anybody behind us, they didn't stop. >>reporter: ktvu learned the bus driver's record isn't squeaky clean. the driver has six minor incidents on his record since starting with the company in 2021. things like raising someone's bumper and brushing a stop sign. >> a number that have an occasional minor mishap. he has a couple of those. he's never had any significant incident prior to that. >> he says the driver recently got a written warning and was retained on safety. if the police find this accident was preventable, he could face punishment right now, police don't know who's at fault. they're looking through video on the bus and trying to find witnesses to solve the case. >> we're hoping that somebody saw it and that when he see this or read about it, may con taukt us to tell us what they saw. >> these intersections are
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really deadly, fly by here, every time we cross the street. it's kind of scary. >> last time county connection had a major accident like this was in 2003 and the general manager says he prides the company or prides himself in having the company with a very safe record, but this is just an unfortunate accident and he says the driver will be on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations. lye in walnut creek, ktvu chant 2 news. it's official, the toll to cross the golden gate bridge is going up. today, the bridge district board voted to raise the tolls 2 dollars over the course of the next 4 years in order to raise money projected 142 million dollar deficit. so starting in april, the toll will jump to 7 dollars for drivers who don't have fast track. then, in july of 2015, the toll goes up 25 cents. the toll increases by a quarter every year until 2018. so to 750 in 2016, 775 in 217
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and finally, to 8 dollars in 2018. it's important to note that for drivers who have fast track, the one dollar discount will remain in effect. >> this friday's storm is a dream come true. inches and inches of loan in parts of the sierra. shows us the excitement. >> interstate 80 heading east was busy today as drivers traveled to the slopes. ski resorts received more than a foot of fresh new powder at the summits, attracting powder hounds and other interesting decree turs. >> high five. hand shakes, first pump. >> the new snow brought this group to sugar bowl from southern california. >> almost too much powder in our area is where you're getting stuck, but the runs are beautiful. >> contrast though, from southern california. >> yeah, raining down there, but i love the snow. >>reporter: but today's weather
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was also a mixed bag with downtown reaching nearly 40 degrees at midday, too warm for much accumulation. at the ski ranch today, worker scrambled to remove ski from the deck, even though the resort was closed, but expecting big crowds this weekend. >> at least another foot and a half on the hill. expecting another 17 inches tonight. . >> music to our ears. >> major storms are swinging into southern california as well. the los angeles fire department rescued two men and dogs from rising water this morning. dodger stadiumment they were all clinging to a tree when the department switch water crews arrived to help. a lifeboat and then guided it across the water to safety. by the time this weekend is done, they could have several inches of rain in southern california, and we'll have a live report from los angeles on the conditions coming up at 5:45. >> we've been on storm watch
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across the bay area. pockets of intense rain slamming into the coast and moving on chore. bill martin has been helping us time the storm, and bill, talk about what we have in the next few hours. >> interesting storm, big one, you know, the big storm we had a few weeks ago, it impacted northern california. north of san francisco. they got barely any rain. the big picture, we've got rain extending from the oregon border south to the mexican border, let's go all the way up here. we're talking about almost a thousand miles of rainfall along the west coast of california, and in the itself. that's great, because we're getting rain in the reservoirs, northern california and southern california. the afternoon commute, saw the morning commute, terrible. the afternoon commute, not as bad, but we're still seeing pockets of heavy rain and you know how that can be a problem, because like say in -- right now, a break from the rain, a little bit of a break just south of there, but all of a sudden, these showers move in, driving
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60, showers move in, the visibility drops, be careful on the road. oakland, some showers, out in the tri valley showers, at river mother and down in san jose, more showers there. kind of up -- showering widely scattered thing. as we go in evening, at 10:00 o'clock, more scattered showers start to move on shore. overnight into the saturday morning, more scattered showers, mostly cloudy for your saturday morning. this storm, the bulk of it is through, but it's not done yet. widely scattered showers out here that will continue to be nuisance showers, if you will. they don't amount to much, if you get under one, really a lot of rain. >> saturday at lunchtime, dry out. saturday morning, looks unsettleed. sunday, looks look it's your best day on the bay area. saturday, we talked about los angeles, they're getting spanked down there, this storm is really hitting them heart.
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tornado watches along the coast, heavy rain issues, sdpour five inches in the mall but area. >> sunday, and bring us a slight chance of a shower on sunday, but don't change the plans on sunday, it's a slight chance. mainly north. the 5 day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. spotty a.m. showers, afternoon time saturday looks good. sunday for the most part is good, sprinkles and showers north. monday, tuesday and wednesday, we start to go back into a wet weather pattern with a chance of shower. this is good. i know wu talked about trees down and we talked about traffic problems, but if this wasn't happening, the converse, stories about drought, this rain is much needed. nice little break, more rain, it's exactly what the doctor ordered. >> say the exact same thing. thanks, bill. >> new cases of a rare by highly contagious disease, measles. and where they were contracted. also, new bis down in san jose is paying the city millions of
5:22 pm
dollars a year. we'll explain what it's getting them. >> now, to the newsroom with what we're working on for 6. >> how did a 12 year old boy get a hold of a gun? scrutiny tonight after the boy shot himself. plus, only on 2, training together in case of an emergency. how a new program could help protect you if disaster strikes. these stories and more are coming up new at 6:00. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
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[ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. the contra county new cases of measles. >> these two new cases are associated with the students. they are family members of the kal students, they are adults. >> that kal student is the one who triggered a measles alert earlier this month when he came down with the dchltsz he had been traveled to and from the school on bart about possible exposure. he and the two new cases had not been vak nated against measles.
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>> anyone bho is not vak nated and comes into contact with someone with measles is very likely to get the disease. what we're asking people to use is use this as an opportunity to check on their vaccination status, healthcare provider and get vaccinated. >> health officials believed the kal student likely contracted the measles on a trip to the philippines. those health officials say if you think you've been exposed to measles, asked to contact your healthcare provider immediately. >> a ground breaking ceremony at the airport for a new facility that will provide private jet services. >> city officials -- kick off the conception of the 82 million dollar facility t. terminal is being built on the west side of the airport by significant flight support. officials say the company that operates the planes for google executives, they say enter a new deal with the city, pay san jose
5:27 pm
nearly 3 million dollar a year for 50 years. >> our storm watch continues from the santa cruz mountains. >> central coast have been hit hard already by the storm, we'll show you why they're so concerned about this next round of wind and rain a third grader in the south bay asked her mother for help with her home work, how her question has led to school officials asking teachers to review their materials mup more closely keeping kids out of trouble. we go along with police on the east bay, where they go to extreme measures to keep students on the straight and narrow.
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♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry
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♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ . this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> heavy rain and flooding hit parts of the bay area after a second storm this week. taking aim, ending this month on a very wet note. people saw rain across the bay area today. >> today's storm is big gi backing off the storm wednesday. california is experiencing one of the driest seasons on record. >> take a live look now, what's happening on storm tracker 2, still a lot of green lingering ashd the bay area, but the heaviest rain has moved out. >> flooding became an issue
5:31 pm
today in the north bay. this was the scene earlier today in mill valley near highway 101. that area is prone to flooding, both in heavy rain and during high tides. >> sounds like a train coming through, but take a look. a home on sunny cove road in santa cruz. what you just saw, you see the blow hole is spitting out air and sea water. >> just remarkable. we have team coverage on all of this tonight, we begin with our chief mooelths bill martin. >> we've h some good rain around here, some problems, but this is what we need, rain is a good thing. look at the last two days or three days. almost five inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, 2 inches throughout the bay area. that's a percentage of their annual rainfall in san jose, so that's good. the sweth weather system on tracking is moving it way down the coast.
5:32 pm
pointed this out earlier, rain falling from one end of the state to the other, that's good too, snow in the mountains, winter weather advisory up there. rain on the average compute, that's not good. showers up by the napa fairfield air, widely scattered. headed out lafayette, got wet on the roadway, and the problem with these types of showers, as i said before, clear here in livermore, but if you're driving westbound, bump into this area, reduced visibilitys and rain, west of -- significant looking area over here by al visa. slow you down by 880 as well. winds have died down a lot over the past 24 hours. take this commuter model and run it tli your bay area weekend, more showers, talk about the five day forecast and some more rain coming as well. >> let's turn now to ktvu robert honda. >> he joins us live from the san tra cruz mountains where people
5:33 pm
have been mopping up all day long. >>reporter: bill martin had said, it's really been coming and going here in the santa cruz mountains and all across the coast. more than 600 customers in the area have been dealing with power outages because of the rain. now, people here say it started to come down very hard last night and continued this morning. and then there was a lull during the day, before picking up strength this afternoon. as you can see, there were times when the rain was relentless. and that caused some concern, especially for those living along the river, which went from a trickle to a strong current in a short amount of time. four homeowners who have been through the storm through, the storm broukt back the old fear. >> as you're sleeping and the rains really, really, pounding on your roof, you start worrying act it flooding. >> it was coming down cat s and dogs. it was furs. it was, yeah, very amazing to have it rain that much after no rain at all. >>reporter: one homeowner worried about falling trees and di bring clogging the river, and
5:34 pm
ironic cli, a huge river sick mother didn't come down because of the rain, but from all the drought months. >> and it was suck up water from the san lor ren so liver here. got really top heavy. and it was a really hot day and it just broke at the bottom here, you can see. just snapped. >>reporter: because of the bought, huh. >> because of the drought, so top heavy. >>reporter: the residents we talked to say they are prepared for this storm to get stronger tonight and every one of them told us despite their concerns about flooding, flad for the rain. live in felten, channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues at 5:45. live to los angeles, water rescues. always track the rain by going to we have live storm tracker 2 radar carbon monoxide covering all of the bay area and it is available at any time. >> richmond police say there are
5:35 pm
dozens of children on probation in every school in that city. went along with the compliant team to see the extreme measures police take to keep those children out of trouble. >> 1049 high school for more compliance check. >>reporter: more than a dozen officers headed out on this wet and rainy day with one purpose. to check in on teens who have been in trouble with the law. >> to make sure the students do not reoffend. >>reporter: the junls on their list are on probation. these compliance checks happen at random every month. officers make sure the kids are in class. >> doing compliance checks for a couple of probationers, okay. >>reporter: and if the number of officers su prizes you, some of these teens are in trouble with some serious crimes, violent climbs. >> some are for gun possessions, drug use, petty theft, burglary, those sort of things.
5:36 pm
>>reporter: after the juveniles are taken out of class, they are searched first before juvenile probation officers check their attendance records and lockers. they don't leave them at school, they also take for them a ride. they are cuffed and officers put them in the back of police cars and bring them home to make sure they're in compliance here. >> this is a compliance check for your daughter. >>reporter: police say they want to check the homes. and they are thorough, probationer officers check the bathrooms, bag, under mattresses. >> if they have gang paraphernalia, a violation of their probation. >>reporter: and they touch base with the parents. police say they have found drugs, dpuns on searches like this. every one they founds was this compliance. but they also didn't find every one. >> they failed to show up at the
5:37 pm
juvenile probation department, he's not at home and not returning phone calls. >>reporter: likely a warrant will be issued for him and it almost guarantees that when he do this again, he'll be back on their list. in richmond, claudine, channel 2 news. being blamed for spreading germs, plus a dog, man's best friend, to adopt from animal shelters. >> and the future of fire fighting, how one firefighter is juiceing google class to get ahead whenever second matters. >> autopsy results were results for sea moore hoffman.
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. . state law make irs are considering a bill that would give tax breaks to anyone who adopts a dog or a cat from a shelter. if it is approved, anyone who adopted from a shelter in the
5:41 pm
state would receive a $100 tax refund from the state. supporters say the bill would encourage more people to take some of the 800 thousand dogs and cats that end up in shelters each year in california. jeremy brown made it official today, he is running for an unprecedented fourth term as gorn nor. at the alameda county rej stars office because he served his first two terms in the 70s before the state had a term limits law, he was not precluded from running again. brown said his reasons for seeking re-election are simple. there are things he still wants to do and also, he likes the job. >> every morning i get up, and i like to go to work, i like to dig into the budget, dig into the legislation. >> governor brown says if he is reelected, he would not rule out running from some other office. >> autopsy results show after at
5:42 pm
a toxic mix of hern and drugs, just today. a mix of her win cocaine, and bo so die as peens, his death was ruled an accident. the actor died earlier this month. two healthy, why new federal guidelines for school lunches are leaving kids hungry. plus, we go live to southern california where with mud slides and water rescues are keeping people busy. >> con from verse si in the subject, how it always start window a third grader asked question about a very fat child. >> rain showers on that friday afternoon commute, how it's going to impact you tonight and how these showers are going to spread into the bay area weekend. ♪
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do not give up on dinner. ♪ woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. . well, we are on storm watch here in the bay area. people in san bern do county, flash floods from the same storm. national weather service advisory issued a flash wood
5:46 pm
watch, that's going to be until tomorrow afternoon. but here in the bay area, it's not quite that bad. >> yeah, let's talk more about our weather now in this second of one-two punch. pretty much over now. >> yeah, pretty much over in terms of the consistent rain falling, on the roadway, and we've got a nice dose of rain in the next 24 hourss. rainfall totals over the last 24 hour, this is what we need, talking about it earlier. you want to see an inch of rain with these storms and that's what we got in morgan hill. almost an inch of rain in san francisco. the urban areas getting their rain, the reservoirs getting rain. taking a look at this system asive moves in, i wanted to come in close, this main low is going to head south of here, going this way, as it heads this way, the strongest stuff heads that way, but we're seeing these bans are spinning off over the top of us, that's going to continue through the night. less powerful if this system was a little further north of us n.
5:47 pm
the mountains, snow, the snow levels, they're up there a little bit, not as low as you like them to be, snow levels around 6,000 feet. rain accumulations in the free mont area, rain showing up just east of fairfield, like a said earlier, dangerous as you're driving around, no rain, the roads are slick, wet, rain in union city, a little heavier seal by free mont ask union city. got some air -- this stuff is in and out in five minutes, this little cell sitting over the highway 101 is going to be off the road in less than five minutes. the winds are v died down. never got to 50, but we saw some 35 and 40 miles per hour gusts. 12 at the airport right now, south hey ward, 15, winds are subsiding. few scattered showers in the morning hours. computer moding, and it's showing you where the showers could be. it's more of that stuff, unorganized areas, just spinning
5:48 pm
over the top of us. and that's what we're looking at. so there's nothing organized the track here other than unorganized stuff. saturday mornings, there's saturday afternoon. and then as we get late in the dashs there's a little shower wants to pop you have here around richmond, it's in the area. the forecast, dives to the south, for saturday, some spot ti showers, for sunday, this thing shows up, it's not a big deal, i think it's going to clip to the north, there's a slight chance of a shower, mainly in the north bay. i think that the big impact from it will be clouds, maybe not as warm as we'd like it to be. sunday is your best day. friday forecast for the bay view forecast, spotty showers on saturday, sunday is the best day. and maybe some more inclement weather as we head towards next week. this rain is good. it's bad on the afternoon commute, but it's good to have it. the last two storms have been very productive. >> might see some rain next week. >> thanks, bill. >> storm watch team coverage
5:49 pm
continues with ed, he joinsn th, that's where mandatory evacuations are underway. but also down in the south land. we've been talking about this for the past couple of days, residents were moved ask -- incoming rain. >> yeah, they are really getting drenched down there, bill, they could get, what. >> some areas, the models are suggests perhaps 5 or 6 inches of rain in those coastal hills, malibu, problems, mud slides and what have you. >> let's go to southern california, and reporter ed. >>reporter: and you're right, we need the rain, desperately down here, but we do not need it all at once, and that's your situation. look in the middle of the t gi f rush hour, east of pasadena, if you're familiar with the area, 25 miles outside l a, heading into the area where we had the burn locations and mud slides.
5:50 pm
raining pretty much nonstop since midnight. video, check it out, dramatic high water rescues, the firemen have really been earning their money, couple of men and their dogs, this is a run off area that usually isn't deep at all. the water runs up to maybe your knees or waist, not on this day, raging rir, dramatic rescue, both pulled out safe, both men, and their dogs. safe rescue, just one of several we've had here. also had some terrible car crashes and take a look at this video, reason why we've had our share of mud slides and rock slides, several of the roads have been closed for a time, clean ed up some of the rocks and mud sliepds, the burn areas where we've had mud flowing down, but nothing catastrophic, everybody is holding their breath because no vaejation on those hillside, give way and they've evacuated, but so far it's holding, the hillsides are holding as we come out live here on the 210 freeway, expecting the brunt of this rain again from the second storm to come
5:51 pm
later tonight in the south land, those evacuations remain in place as we come over to the driver's seat. tens of thousands still without power, utility crews working like crazy. nasty down here with the rain that's been coming down all at rains, when it rains, it pours, it's true here. live in southern california, back to ktvu we go. all right, thank you, ed. now, to the south bay where a con tro version l home work question act a very -- about a quote very fat child. >> wasn't very nice to be on a home work question. >> the parent of that third grader, who complained and the quick reaction from the teacher. >> more on what we're working on for 6:00. >> police officers, that didn't stop a 12 year old boy from getting his hands on a gun. >> accidental shooting, awake and breathing. >> the questions arising tonight after a 12 year old boy escaped a brush with death.
5:52 pm
>> you anemic program linging local police with the national guard and how their team work will help keep you safe. these stories and more coming up in about 10 minutes at 6:00. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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[ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. . a tech savvy firefighter is using google glass to -- patrick jackson has developed an app
5:55 pm
that feeds information like directions straight to the i warn device during emergencies, and jackson says that app can save firefighters from having to stop and reach for a radio, a mobile device or a computer. >> a lot of types, actually come through before they dispatch it over the radio so it may save us 30 seconds to a minute. >> as you can see, the app can also be used to record exactly what happens when firefighters respond to emergencies, which could be useful during investigations. >> for the first time ever, americans use smart phones and tablets more than their personal commuters to access the internet. last month, mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of internet use in the united states. apps made up for 40 percent of web traffic and mobile browse, 8 percent. the shift follows a major drop in p c sales last year. >> the scopes are being blamed for spreading -- there are stethoscopes are not sanitized between each use. now, the author of the study
5:56 pm
hopes his findings will lead to stricter guidelines for stethoscope sanitation. >> school lunches could be causing some children to go hundredly. a new watchdog report says that schools are having trouble implementing standards for healthy food. report that children are still hung gri after lunch. they blame smaller portions and students are throwing away futs and vegetables man datd by the government. >> the lay out a variety of the healthier choices and have the kids try it out. and see which the kids prefer. >>reporter: more than 1 million students stop participated in the national school lunch program, but advocacy groups say it takes time to make changes. the mother of a third grader in the south bay was stunned when she saw her daughter's home wooshg. was a question act a quote, very fat child.
5:57 pm
new at 5:00, ktvu rob roth tells us what the mother did next and how the school is explaining what happened. >> movie. >>reporter: from linda vista elementary school in san jose. after reading act what it was like to go to the movies many years ago, 8 year old -- began reading multiple choice questions. all was well until question number 8. >> a very fat child probably a, disliked most movies. >>reporter: reading material mentions a quote, skinny child, they said she didn't understand why there would be a question act a fat child. >> it wasn't very nice to be on a home work question. >> i immediately told her give me a post it, and i'm writing a note to the teacher, you're not going to ask her this question frngs her mother said she couldn't believe in an age of anti bullying question campaigns -- >> family members and people that are sensitive about this, you know, this area.
5:58 pm
and it's not a very nice thing to say about anybody. especially a child. >>reporter: we called the school principal and were refer today the union school district central office. >> clearly a mistake was made and the teacher has agreed never to use that piece of home work again. >>reporter: the school district says the assignment is not part of the regular krim lumbar, that the teacher used it as material chshgs is not unusual. teachers will be asked to review their instructional materials with a more sensitive eye. but it took the sensitive of this child and her mother to get to that point. >> start paying attention to what they give our kids. >>reporter: the school district officials said she didn't know. in san jose, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. now, at 6:00, i'm tracking showers on this afternoon commute. how much longer are they going to last and will they bleed into the bay area weekend? in the south bay, sxran crime
5:59 pm
combined to create a highway flooding nightmare. >> heavy rains and high tide creates flooding in -- county today, the trouble and what some people are doing to keep up with those flood waters. >> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is k ktvu unanimously 2 news at 6:00. bursts of driving rain break through as the second storm of the week passes over the bay area. >> i'm julie. we are on storm watch tonight. a live look tonight at san jose at the 880 and 280 interchange, the roadways are slick as drivers make their way home on this dark, rainy friday night. and in -- the roof of a warehouse collapsed today. the weight of all the rain water was apparently too much, causing that roof to give way. the whole is about 20 feet by 20 feet, no one was hurt, but some equipment was damaged inside. >> parts of san francisco got pounded early in the day, but
6:00 pm
the rain came in spurts, with heavy downpours in one spot, while at the same time, other parts of the city were dry. and the rain is making for dangerous driving conditions, the c h p says the driver of a mod da sedan was speeding and lost control in the rain, slamming right into an oncoming suv. officers were urging drivers to slow down, saying there's a lot of standing water on the roads, which can cause cars to hydro plain. >> and we have team coverage tonight. ktvu spend the day -- latest storm. bill martin begins our coverage, bill. >> yeah, last night's commute was really a mess, heavy rain, now we've got showers, not as messy as last night, but still an average commute, friday, and rain on the road, heavy downpours at times, look around here, looking for the rain, mostly dry in the north bay, but as you head out to the oakland area, 24, heavy rain coming down, moderate rainfal